January 2016

Acts 13:47 "For so the Lord has commanded us, saying, 'I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.' "  

LEFT: Two girls that live in Cite Soliel, Haiti, considered the poorest city in the western hemisphere. Last month our team ministered to these girls and many other children that live there. Many had nothing to wear.

RIGHT: Homes of Cite Soliel, Haiti. This is the site where we will build a home this month for a homeless woman, her three children and her mother. She asked if the walls would be bullet proof. She was thrilled to know that the earth bag house we were building her is indeed bullet proof.

This is how our ministry starts in 2016. Once again we are so very grateful to all those that pray for us and support us, making it possible to help those in need and ultimately to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for us as we travel, as well as for Colton as he prepares to live for one year in Haiti.

BELOW: Team member, Lori, offering a hug to a little girl that rarely sees any form of love.

This month we also have two teams traveling on our annual Mission Cruises. Please pray for effective opportunities to share the love of Christ as we travel beyond the ports and minister to those in need. Start planning now to join us next January! WWW.MISSIONCRUISE.ORG

Don Shire Ministries December 2015 Hey friends, as the new year approaches, so do new opportunities! I am happy to let you all know that I am moving to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, as my home base for the year of 2016. With a new orphanage in the works and many developing projects, Don and I both feel I could be very effective for God’s work in the island country. Many things are falling into place, but there are some things that have yet to be determined. Please pray with me as I settle into a new country, adjusting to the food, climate, and language. I know there will be dark times, but as a wise old missionary always said, "God pays for what He orders". So whatever the cost, may Jesus be glorified!

December 2015

Matthew 1:21 She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins. 

Don Shire Ministries December 2015

The staff at Don Shire Ministries wishes you a blessed Christmas!

As we write our newsletter each month, we struggle to find a new way to express our gratitude to those who partner with us in prayer and financial giving.  We do not ever want to sound like we take God’s miraculous provision for granted, and we want our ministry partners to know how much your support means to us.  As we approach the end of 2015, we are humbled and in awe at God’s faithfulness!  Once again, we thank you!!!

This past year, we have seen many come to Christ, expanded our staff, added to the Haiti and India ORPHANAGE building funds, and have taken 12 more children off the streets in India.  We have seen God’s blessing in so many ways! As always, there are many needs.  If you are considering a one time gift or additional end of year giving, the following list details some of the urgent needs:

1. Help us to reach our goal to build orphanages in India and Haiti. We are seriously overcrowded in both locations. Still needed -- $50k for India --- approximately $150k for Haiti.
2.  Additional monthly support would help us to know how we can plan for the future.
3. Please keep us on your prayer list. Follow the travel schedule on the website (www.donshire.com) and pray for safety, health, and effective ministry.
4.  We need blankets and sleeping pads for the orphans and widows in India; $4,600 will buy blankets for the orphans and widows, $5200 will buy sleeping pads for the widows.
5. The women in our widow’s homes ask for so little, but they need new under garments ($750).
6. A never ending, on-going need is to provide shoes and clothing for the orphans and widows.
7. We are drilling a well at one of our widow’s homes in India ($800 needed).
8. Don is entering the winter months with many mission trips on the schedule.  When he is not able to be in churches presenting our needs, the general fund giving goes down.  An undesignated gift will go into general fund and will be used wherever it is needed most.

As we look at 2016, it feels like the world is crumbling around us.  With that realization comes the urgency to keep doing what we are doing.  The world needs a Savior!  We thank you again for helping to send us.

FROM COLTON (written this month by Don):
Colton came to me recently and said that the Lord was leading him to spend a year in Haiti representing our ministry. This will be a wonderful opportunity for him to gain more international experience as well as help us as we look for property, and plan to build or buy our new orphanage. Will you pray for Colton? Would you consider supporting him as he serves? He plans to move to Haiti in February.

November 2015

Psalm 106:1 Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. 

This is the month when we focus on Thanksgiving, and we are grateful beyond words for God’s faithful provision for our widows and orphans through the generous and sacrificial giving of those who support us! Because of you, we will soon begin construction on the much needed orphanage in India. As a team of nine travels with me to India (Nov. 4-18), we will hold a celebration of God’s provision on the new property. Please pray that God will work in and through the dedicated team He has provided. We are also grateful to the area churches that continue to open their doors to us. God is providing through your love offerings, and we continue to hear that the message is touching lives.



HAITI PRAISE: Laza, the boy we asked you to pray for last month, was recently accepted into a home that specializes in working with children with special needs.

INDIA PRAISE: The $15,000 matching gift was matched. But another $12,500 was added as a challenge for additional matching funds!

INDIA REQUEST: We have a team of 9 in India this month.

ROATAN PRAISE: The children are doing well. Our Beacon School is doing very well.

ROATAN REQUEST: The former director left the Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries board with a lot of messes to clean up many years ago. More things recently popped up. Please pray for the SBLM board as they seek God’s wisdom in their decision making.

Hello, friends! As the days get shorter, and we enter into winter, my mind races forward to next summer! Don Shire Ministries has a wonderful opportunity to serve in the sunshine of the Caribbean from June 15th to July 15th! We begin in Roatan, head down to Belize, and finally end in Jamaica. The opportunities to serve are endless. We will teach the brothers and sisters, share the gospel, and work with our hands! This trip would be great for college students, or teachers on break, or possibly a youth group. We look forward to seeing who God brings along! There are only twelve spots available, so sign up quickly! If you have any questions, email me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

YEAR IN GIVING IDEAS: Christmas fund for our orphans and widows in India and Haiti. Building funds in India and Haiti. 100% goes to the designated fund.

October 2015

Acts 13:47: For this is what the Lord has commanded us: “I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth”. 

I received a call from 2 friends that want to put a challenge out there to raise funds for the India orphanage building project. They will match all donations in October up to $15,000. Can you help turn $15k into $30k? Go to the "GIVE" page and designate your gift to "India Orphanage Building" or send your designated gift to N6052 Bombinski Lane, White Lake, WI 54491.

I don’t know, maybe it was just that I turned 60. Or, maybe Jesus is about to return and it is the Holy Spirit nudging me. But there is a renewed burning desire to get the gospel to those that don’t know Jesus as Savior. Even here in the United States it seems that few are serious about a relationship with Jesus. Christians seem to be more of a laughingstock than citizens of a country that puts “In God We Trust” on our currency. But the good news is that people continue to respond as we share that good news. Thank you to our prayer partners and our share partners for making it possible for us to get the good news of the Gospel to those that need to hear it.

HAITI: Laza, the sick, naked little boy we rescued from the streets of Haiti a few years ago really needs our prayers. He is mentally challenged and does things that are damaging to him and to others. He picks up anything from the ground and eats it. He spent the past week in the hospital, sick from something he ate and had a severe reaction to it. When he is at the orphanage, he has severe temper tantrums. Please pray that we can figure out how to handle this situation and that Laza, our staff, and our other children will be safe.

INDIA: A pastor in Sweden has offered to sponsor 8 of our children in India into the homes of Pastors! 3 other children were also sponsored from people here in the States.

INDIA: Some of our children at our main orphanage in Vijayawada have the Chicken Pox.

INDIA: Pastor Prabhu’s brother, Victor, had part of his leg amputated in September as a result of his diabetes. Please pray for a full recovery as he is dealing with liver and kidney issues.

ROATAN: Orsy and Banesa celebrated their 7th anniversary of serving at the orphanage on the island of Roatan. We are very thankful to them and to our Lord for their dedicated service to the children placed in our care.

When I joined the Don Shire Ministries team, Don asked me to focus on the short-term missions part of the ministry. We recently published a brochure with our trips for the coming year. I can hardly wait!! All I need now are team members! The rest of this year and all of 2016 are filled with opportunities to serve the Lord. I would be happy to send you a copy or answer questions you might have. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our office at (715)610-2982.

MISSION CRUISE 2016 There is still room to join us on one of our Mission Cruises this January. Go to missioncruise.org for details.